We are Timeless

Our design philosophy is minimal and timeless.

In the midst of today's society of constantly playing catch up with current trends, our signature envelopes were born from the desire to reject the fast and furiously changing world of fasion.

We wanted to go back and offer something that was refreshingly simple and chic. 

We want our customers to be fabulously fashionable, without having to be trendy

We are mindful of the ecological and economical effects of fast fashion and were founded to offer an alternative way of life. Our collection is minimal in design, versatile in use, and timeless in fashion.

All our designs are stitch free, crafted with novelty leather, and set with a unique brass closure. We use quality leather and luxury brass closures to elevate our products. Our four-piece brass closure for the signature clutches requires a special touch to open, keeping your belongings secure.

About our Product Names

HIMAL is the namesake of our founder and designer, Himal Choi.  Our individual collection names are taken from mountain peaks and passes of the Himalayas; a tribute to Himal's birth place. 

About the Founder and Designer

After noticing a lack of minimalist yet stylish bags while working as an apparel designer, Himal Choi decided to create her own line of handbags and accessories to satisfy that need.

With her fashion education from London College of Fashion, and expansive industry experience at design houses such as Marc Jacobs, Ally Capellino, and Forever 21, it was time to create and bring forth her own point of view.

Defined by the delicate marriage of minimalism and timelessness, and dedicated to the versatile modern consumer, HIMAL is a brand that continues to push the design envelope with each new collection.

Himal was born in Nepal and named after the Himalayan mountains. She has lived in nine cities in multiple continents. While embracing her international background, Himal has rooted herself in the Los Angeles design community for the past decade, and launched her own line in 2017.