HIMAL Picked as Top 5 Gift Discoveries from Makers + Goods

We had sooo much fun at the Artisan LA Spring show and had a blast meeting you all!

We're also so Psyched to be discovered and selected by Makers + Goods for their Top 5 Gift Discoveries!


Top 5 Gift Discoveries: Artisanal LA

Posted on April 05 2017

Makers + Goods Top 5 Gift Picks: Artisanal LA Spring Market

Artisanal LA is a foodie and maker mecca (basically my paradise)! Held twice a year in downtown Los Angeles, this event features over 150 chefs, artisans, makers, and craftsman, all exhibiting unique products. This past weekend I met up with a couple of fellow foodie friends (Photographer Ragan Wallake and Chef Kimberly Garret) to taste, smell, and adventure our way through the aisles. What we discovered is a lot of new, fresh, and humorous gifts that would make the best hostess gifts! Below are my top 5 gift picks and their makers from Artisanal LA, so get ready to stock up and be prepared for your next dinner party invite.

#1 Plant Puns

I can't get enough of these herb and succulent pots handmade in Los Angeles. The Puns range from Pop-culture Lyrics to sayings and phrases, all with a plant twist. Pots start at $10 each. Love them too? Click Here to Pre-Order and click the image to visit their website.

Plant Puns for Hostess Gifts

#2 Hepp's Salt

Remember when salt used to be boring? Well, not anymore! The flavors created by the husband and wife team of Hepp's Salt Co. are by far some of the best I have tasted. The Sea Salt is high quality with no additives, the flavor options are endless, and you are able to create your own gift box with 5 salts for $45. My salt picks? Black Truffle, Sel Gris, Ghost Pepper, 7-fire smoked, and Lime. Click the image to visit their website.

Hepp's Salt Gift Set

#3 Himal Leather Coasters

Simplicity is refreshing and Himal's leather coasters and goods are designed to be exactly that! They are pretty and different and the cloud coasters make a sweet and thoughtful gift. Set of 4 , 4"for $25, or 3" for $10. Click the image to visit Himal's Website.

Himal Leather Coasters

#4 Smyrna Collection Turkish Towels

Turkish Towels are fresh, versatile, and beautiful and no home should be without them (which is why they make great gifts). Smyrna's collection is designed to be used at your home, at the beach, on a picnic, and after a swim. Each Towel is fair trade, hand-loomed, and made with Eco-friendly cotton. $39 each. click on the image to visit the Smyrna Collection website.

Smyrna Turkish Towels

#5 Four Points Trading Co. Candles

Candles of lemongrass, lavender, jasmine, and all other fruit and floral scents are beautiful, but sometimes it is time to mix it up! That is exactly what the family founders of Four Points Trading Co did and I am loving it. I chose the Whiskey, Leather, Tobacco, BBQ candle set as my favorite because the scents are nice and masculine and these make a great gift for a man. They also have a "Sweet Childhood" collection (Birthday Cake, Candied Apple, Cotton candy, and Bubble Gum) that takes you right back to the younger days. Sets of 4 are $38. Click on the image to visit Four Points Trading Co. Website.

Four Points Trading Co Candles

Want one (or more) of each? Send Makers and Goods an email and a custom order of your favorites, all ready to gift, will be created just for you.

Congratulations to all of the Makers chosen as the top 5! The love you have for the goods you create shows.


Julie Skon / Makers & Goods


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